Monday, March 19, 2012

If I had a million dollars...

For whatever reason, I got to thinking today, what if I had a million dollars? What would I do with it? I like to think I would be quite sensible with it. I would pay off my student loan, my hire purchase, credit card debt and overdraft, which would come to an even $20k all up at the moment. I would also buy a new tablet, probably a 10" one, and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, as both my phone and my tab are on the slippery slope to being too slow to be useful.

My computer is getting on for 6 years old now as well. I want to build a media server with some 10 terabytes of space. I want a new gaming rig, separate from that. I want a laptop for mobility's sake. So maybe $10k worth of gadgets and computers.

I want to travel.. I want to see Tuscany and Rome, Turkey, France, Ireland. If I had a million dollars I would take in all these sights at a fairly leisurely pace, and probably in quite a bit of luxury.. I guess I'd be happy to set aside $70k for travel.

I'd buy a house, too.. though I'm not sure where. I love Christchurch, but having enough money to be able to live wherever I wanted.. I'd have to put some serious thought in. It'd be a modern home, sparse and small but easy to heat and enough room to entertain. With a view maybe. Covered in geekery. I don't even know what houses are worth these days, but I guess if I set aside $500k I could find something I liked. Or build one.

And I guess I'd invest the rest.. and live freehold and happy, and surround myself with good people.

It'd definitely bring a few changes.

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